different kinds of heart diseases

different kinds of heart diseases
Cardiovascular disease refers to diseases that attack the heart and vascular system. The heart is an organ located in the body of a person because of his role as a blood-pumping.

There are many causes of heart disease such as patterns of life, from birth, congenital abnormalities and unhealthy eating patterns. Heart attacks are the result of a deadly coronary heart disease who become murderous women and most men in America.

In fact, heart disease is not only attacking the elderly. Nowadays, many young people who have suffered from various diseases of the heart. Even a newborn can have abnormalities in the heart.

There are 50 more types of heart diseases that lurk those who have a pattern of living and eating that unhealthy. Although there are various ways to deal with the pain of the heart, from medical to herbal, prevent and maintain health remains better than cure. He's the types of heart diseases that You must beware.
Here are some types of heart disease that we auto summary at All About Health and Beauty.

Heart Failure

Heart failure or Heart Failure is a condition in which the heart cannot supply the flow of blood to meet the body's needs and potentially deadly. Sometimes the heart failure is often misinterpreted as a heart attack.

This type of heart disease have symptoms include: swelling of the feet and hands, the addition or subtraction of weight before swelling due to excess fluid, short of breath, constant fatigue, angina or discomfort in the chest and arms due to the blockage of the coronary arteries.
Heart Valve Disease

Heart Valve Disease or heart valve problem is a situation where one or more heart valves are not working properly. In some cases, people born with heart valve problem while some people get abnormalities in the valve in his lifetime.

Abnormalities in the heart valves can be caused by infection, age, and because of other illnesses. Almost no symptoms are found by people with abnormalities in the heart valves.

There are three types of valvular heart disease: leaks, constriction, and valves with no holes. There is no cure for abnormalities in the heart valves except surgery. But for those of you who don't have the disease from birth, keeping the diet and the pattern of life is the key to free from this disease.

This is a type of heart disease that disrupts the rhythm disorders or heart rate. Heart rate can be faster, slower, and irregular. The main factor of the disease arrhythmia is a lack of calcium in the body and the occurrence of blockage of the blood vessels of the heart.

Blockage of the blood vessels of the heart which also arthritis abnormal heart rate will result in a heart attack. In addition to these 2 things cause other arrhythmias are diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, caffeine, alcohol, stress, heart muscle death, drug abuse, and the active thyroid gland too.

This type of heart disease is the inflammation of the pericardium or heart SAC causing fluid build-up and thickening. The inflammation is caused by a few things. A common cause is a viral infection and shines for breast cancer therapy.

The symptoms caused by perikarditis are shortness of breath, coughing, high blood pressure, and fatigue due to the work of the heart become inefficient. Heart disease can be diagnosed through an MRI or cardiac catheterization.

Taking medication to reduce fluid can help reduce the symptoms of perikarditis but the total healing done by lifting the pericardium.
Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is caused by a layer of fat or cholesterol in the artery walls that clog blood vessels. As a result of the blockage by a layer of fat and cholesterol is the disruption of the blood supply to and from the heart.

When blood clogged due to the layer of fat so this is what is called a heart attack. A layer of fat and cholesterol on the artery walls caused by addiction to smoking, hypertension, and high cholesterol.

If someone feel symptoms such as chest pains in the middle part of the radiating to the left arm and neck even to the back, cold sweat, nausea and means the person is likely to suffer from coronary heart disease.

For this type of coronary heart disease can be treated with herbal remedies that have been tested clinically improved and tested by scientists and doctors. NONI Juice Plus healthy dietary changes will restore heart function normally.

There are still many heart diseases which have not been described here. But the most common are heart diseases on top. Beware of symptoms and always consult a doctor when one of heart disease on top of attacking you.

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