myths about eye health

This time it was All About Health and Beauty will discuss about the eyes. seen in terms of health and beauty.
And the first article is about various myths about eye health.

We often assume that consumes a lot of water is very good for health because it keeps the body hydrated and prevent diseases related to lifestyle. But not all consuming lots of water is good for health. Consuming excessive water also could be bad for health.

In addition to these myths, there is still another myth about eye health is wrong and not many who know the facts behind it. Suppose as good yoga exercise for the eyes or a better artificial sweeteners instead of sugar.

Yuk unloading eye health myths are wrong here and discover the facts behind it, such as offered by Health Me Up (16/06).

1. Yoga is good for eye health
While most activity yoga is good for your health, but some sort of yogic movement cannot be done lightly or without exercise correctly. Yoga posture which put the head down can increase blood flow to the brain. These can cause pressure on the eye and can cause problems on the health of the eyes. Yoga postures such as these can also be dangerous for the heart condition that is not healthy.

2. drink plenty of water is essential for eye health
Consuming enough water is important to maintain body fitness. The water can release toxins from the body and launch the digestion. However, the human body is like a hose that could emit water for granted. Consuming too much water can also overload the performance of the kidneys and the heart. The consequences can be quite serious in patients who have problems with the kidneys and the heart. Consuming lots of water can also cause the pressure in the eye that can trigger glaucoma.

3. artificial sweetener better than sugar
When artificial sweeteners are exposed to high temperatures, the sweetener will be broken down to form free radicals that can be harmful to the retina and optic nerve of the eye. Artificial sweeteners are also often associated with visions that are opaque, sore eyes, hallucinations, and blindness. So, it's not that if you replace the sugar with artificial sweeteners, health will be better. Excessive use of artificial sweeteners can also cause adverse side effects to the eye.

4. looking at a computer screen for too long is bad for the eyes
Of course, everyone will mengamini this. Spend time in front of a computer screen for a long time will cause tired eyes, but in fact it was not until the damaged eye can make. Some of the perceived symptoms after a long look at the computer, such as red eyes, irritation, dry eye, a sense of burning, and the headache is one of the symptoms of computer vision syndrome caused by declining levels of flashing someone and make dry eye.

That's some myths about eye health that there are still many people believed. The above myths are not proven to be true, and now you already know the facts behind it.

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