(SOLUTIONS) Errors in dress that will make you look older

(SOLUTIONS) Errors in dress that will make you look older – if put into important note the makeup artist is – things You must know before it actually happened. This means that we'll be talking more about the knowledge must have been useful to you, because the dress up properly will give a good effect to your own personal. Agree? Well let's just begin, no need to wait for too long.

After previously All About Health and Beauty presents writing Errors in dress that will make you look older, it is now All About Health and Beauty will give the solution to the error, so we can minimize the error so we can stay beautiful.

1. too much or too little Foundation
Solution: Wear foundation with a lighter formula and contains more water, to make your face look more healthy and radiant. Use the foundation does not directly advance, but it is very important to take the time to learn how to use it.

3. too many Loose Powder
Solution: a simple course. Do not use too much, and don't use a lot of stripes-wheel. That's why when you use it too much around the eyes, makeup will look dry and be Your age, grow!

4. Metallic eye makeup
Solutions: Eye makeup matte. The basic ingredients mate will give a touch of subtly perfect in your eyes, help spruce up imperfections make up, and with a lot of practice would leave the fancy accents and free of blemishes on Your face makeup.

5. do not like Blush-On
Solution: no need to put attention on it again. Move the brush blush on you a little bit higher, and add a new color that is natural on Your cheekbones.

6. selection of Lipstick is not right
Solution: select the color of the butter is soft, moisturizing formula with many, to reduce the visibility of the line and helps lips look full. Natural colors are fresh normally offers the best look, give your lips a much needed protection and moisture as well as subtle color slightly, allowing you to look more attractive and younger.

7. too much makeup on the lower part of the eye
Solution: when you memulas the upper lids, and then melapisnya up to two times, and then your eyes will look bigger and beautiful. But you should not do the same thick squeezed two to the lower petals. Why, because the eyeliner too thick can enter into the fine lines under the eyes, so the lines were thus more visible! Not to mention when you clean while cleaning a little less eye makeup, then the stains will be settled long enough in the line of the eyes.

Such review on (solutions) error in the dress will make you look older.
May be useful for all of us

Anyway take care of your health and beauty

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