The Easy Way To Tighten Eyelid

This time it was All about health and beauty will write about the beauty of the eyes.
It is undeniable that the eyes can also experience fatigue. Especially if the eyes often stared at the monitor screen make it a cell – the cell undergoes eye fatigue and finally loosens. However, sagging eyelids can also occur due to age factor.

It's no wonder wonder when we see someone who is elderly visible wrinkles under the eyes. However, sagging eyelids may also be addressed to look toned back.

How do you do? Here are 4 easy ways to tighten eyelid:

1. drink plenty of plain water

Sagging eyelids may also be caused due to the lack of body fluids such as dehydration. Well, for that try to drink plenty of water every day. At least 8 glasses a day is important.

2. adequate rest

Someone that lack of sleep can also affect the appearance of the eyes. To that end, adequate minimum istrihatlah nights sleep for 7-8 hours per day.

3. use cold water Compresses

Returns the currency's firmness also can be done by your eye compresses an unused by using cold water. Cold water can make your eyes fresh and toned back.

4. use a cucumber

Cucumbers have no doubt will be beneficial to restore the health of the eyes. Use a sliced cucumber affixed kemata for 30 minutes can make you tired eyes refreshed and toned back.

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