things that should be avoided so that the eye is always healthy

Still with the same discussion, namely the eye. And to continue the previous article entitled myths about eye health
now All About Health and Beauty will give you some tips on "things that should be avoided so that the eye is always healthy".

The eye is one of the five senses, which play an important role in human life. Without the eye, you can't see the world. To preserve the health of the eyes is very important.

Here are the things you should avoid in order that your eyes are always healthy, as reported by the

Steroids or drugs containing steroids in it can cause cataracts, especially when you use it in a long time. This is because the steroids inhibit the metabolism of normal lenses which can cause cataracts.

Looking directly into the Sun
If you're outdoors, do not look directly into the Sun at noon. For direct eye contact with sunlight being able to destroy retinal receptors and decreases the ability of vision called diabetic surya. In addition, sunlight can also lead to impaired like corneal dystrophy and mascular degeneration.

Heavy weight lifting
Did you know exercise lifting weights or the activity of lifting weights that are too heavy are capable of endangering the health of your eyes? This is because the heavy loads are capable of causing the venous blood in the eyes of the Union.

Diet nonsense
While diet, nutritional intake You notice. For a diet that is too tight or inconsequential was able to interfere with the health of your eyes as it may cause the metabolism of keto-acidosis which reduces vision. Therefore, even if you're dieting, don't limit Your intake of healthy nutrition.

That's the things that you should avoid for the sake of the health of the eyes. In addition to always consult with a physician when you are having a health problem related to your eyes.

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