Errors in dress that will make you look older

Errors in dress that will make you look older
is something – if put into important note the makeup artist is – things You must know before it actually happened. This means that we'll be talking more about knowledge that is sure to come in handy for you, as well in addition to dress up make us look beautiful will give a good effect to your own personal. Agree? Well let's just begin, no need to wait for too long.

1. too much or too little Foundation

Use thick-thick foundation or even not wearing foundation at all, be aware that you should immediately find a rate that is right for your face. Unable to determine the number of foundation is a fatal error which category will make you look older, especially when fine lines more visible due to the fact that error.

2. dry skin

The skin tends to be drier due to the influence of age need products that contain moisturizers so skin remains more awake kelembabannya. Covering it with a thick make up without regard to skin health, which closed behind it thus will make the skin of your face looks very dry and aging.

3. too many Loose Powder

Loose powder is a cool product! It is definitely. And Yes, it's every time we finish using the foundation, use a loose powder as a final touch to perfect make up. But, using loose powder on top of a foundation is not the same as if we sow to powder mamakaikan our children (haha ...). You must master the art of applying it like a pro, so the makeup looks perfect.

4. Metallic eye makeup

Add a metallic eye makeup to make up a list of errors in your age. Now switch on his cousin: Eye makeup matte, guaranteed you will not regret that decision. The shimmering metallic makeup and contain a lot of glitter actually would increase the visibility of wrinkles, making this sensitive zone appear dull, wrinkled and drier than they really are!

5. Musuhan with Blush-On

Talk about faults which make up do not want to repeat, then in order to create a perfect look, you should recognize the blusher is right for you! You have to find the perfect color and learn how to use it properly. Say goodbye to blush-on with a dark color, and replace it with soft glowing colors like peach and rosy, to apply to the highest point of your cheeks, rather than to the middle. It focuses on ' Apple blush-on ' in the cheeks may look charming in my twenties but when you are in his thirties and forties, Apple it would look a little slack.

6. selection of Lipstick is not right

Okay, let's talk about the choice of makeup. A make up artist professionals agree that you should immediately do something in their forties You ... and all the mistakes to be avoided of course! Just look at Your lips, so lose some kemudaannya, or have already started to appear some gari, so: continue to use colors that are too dark, too methalic, or formula that is too dry is the last thing you want to do.

7. too much makeup on the lower part of the eye

The final sequence in the list of error bermake up this is a very rarely realized by women. When you're tired or sick and especially after you see that the sensitive skin under your eyes not sekencang once again, the ideal thing to do is reevaluate the mascara and eyeliner that you normally use, so you don't look old.

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